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Market Sectors

Redman Engineering’s design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly services cover a wide range of industries, supporting all stages from new build to overhaul, service and repairs.

Below we list some of the industries, and typical projects we are currently involved with.

Aerospace: Components ranging from actuators and electro-mechanical components, to engine components and fuel pumps.
Bio-Chemistry Monochromators, Polarisers, Intensifiers, Conditioning Units, Detection Equipment, Sample Handling Units and Lamp Holders.
Scientific Research: Optics, Pneumatics, Radiation.
Imaging equipment: Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR) and Shockwave
Medical: Regulators and other medical devices

All components are supplied to your exact specification and finish.

We can also provide;-

  • Input at the design stage to help improve quality and reduce costs
  • First article Inspection Reports
  • Full Traceability












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